About Us

Our Vision

Ulak Agency has an understanding that sees good communication as the beginning of strong relationships and accepts that managing personal or institutional relationships is the most important step for success.

In these days where conventional communication has been replaced by virtual social networks, it prioritizes new and continuously developing techniques without ignoring traditional communication.

With this understanding of communication, it provides absolute success-oriented service with social networks, business relations, market planning and its own format, 360 degree Public Relations.

Why Should You

Prefer Us?

Strong Communication:

Positioning yourself or your company is the most important key to your success. Short, medium and long term communication strategies offer you a predictable future.

Who Thinks What?

One of the most important facts brought by the post-modern world is perception. Perception is now real with the effect of new channels. If you can manage your perception, you are very close to the truth.

Knowledge is available to all but it is still the greatest power.

Knowledge is just a click away for almost everyone nowadays. If you can reach it with the right steps, you are strong. Information based on open source intelligence puts you one step ahead in both the financial field and the market.

Am I working with the right people?

Your team also decides where you see the world from. In other words, you are committed to progress as much as your corporate structure that is as strong as your team, changing and adapting to the conditions. Process management allows you to discover niche areas that you have not seen in the world.

Is your own effort not enough?

If your financial situation is not enough to make new investments or to introduce new products with your own resources, you should seek support. Especially, you have the opportunity to find support for your innovative work.